CI/CD Budget Control

Semiotic analysis as a controlling instrument for marketing and finances.

Should you invest in traditional marketing or in a semiotic approach?

In both. But thanks to the semiotic analysis you reduce unnecessary expenses in traditional marketing, make the right strategic decisions, and avoid expensive advertising.

Semiotic brand controlling and semiotic positioning analysis create a qualitative additive value at lower cost. A semiotic analysis requires much less time and money than traditional field studies such as customer surveys.

How do we achieve this?
We decode the real effects of meaning that result from the order of lines, forms, colors, texts and /or images which make up your communication tools. Our comparative analysis of these effects of meaning with regard to your communication goals decodes the actual brand value and message.

The semiotic analysis is imperative for efficient brand controlling and effective brand building and equally so for an objective benchmark and positioning analysis as well as a financial control instrument for your marketing budget.


Take advantage of the benefits of semiotic analysis:

  • It uncovers discrepancies in your corporate communication.
  • You ensure the message of your brand DNA and thus your success.
  • You increase the effectiveness in the marketing mix thanks to semiotic brand controlling.
  • You streamline your marketing budget.
  • You increase turnover and sales figures.

The bottom line is an investment with added value.