Draft of a business card

How could a new business card of the corporate design of Dr. Arno Giovannini’s brand be defined by semiotics?

Semiotics made it possible to choose from among ca. 30 business card drafts the one that most aptly embodies the brand identity and its goals.

Of the 30 layout drafts created by our graphic designer, five were shortlisted based on personal preference. We conducted a semiotic analysis of these five to select the draft that conveys the communication goals of Dr. Arno Giovannini’s brand in the most meaningful way.

High quality, customer-oriented and different… Based on these three predefined objectives we were able to perform a semiotic analysis and establish a semantic environment and traditional values associated with it.

Using the semiotic approach, coherence, and significance were ensured when developing our new brand concept, both at the corporate design level as well as in the positioning of the message.

Consulting and strategic accompaniment / qualitative studies (by SemioticCodes®):
Project: Developing the concept of the brand Dr. Arno Giovannini and drafting a new business card.
Area: Design Communication / Switzerland and international.