Redefining a Website


What role does semiotics play in redefining the website

The purpose of the website is to make certified translation services visible and to help acquire new customers and explain to them the necessary steps of the translation and certification process. It is a landing page that appears at the top of the results of Google Switzerland once the search terms “certified” and “translation” are entered.

We worked on the following assumption: The website is not effective enough in terms of its original goals; the layout was not very appealing; there was too much text; the text is unclear and not very intuitive; information is hard to find and there are inconsistencies between the goals of the website and its online implementation …
With semiotic analyses – that take a closer look at the formal aspects of the website – and together with a professional graphic designer we revamped the interface of the website and the advertising of this online site in such a way that customer proximity, clarity, user friendliness, and interactiveness were improved for internet users.

Readability was improved considerably, and thanks to a clear content structure and good internal links, information can be accessed easily and quickly. These links make for a smoother read and allow the homepage to be reduced to its actual function from a semiotic perspective, namely, actively involving internet users by way of options like calling, writing e-mails, gathering information, requesting a quote, leaving contact information … Each option that is initiated or completed through the website by the internet user is a potential contact for the company. Moreover, this allows for information on translation services and other services to be made available.

Semiotics helped ensure an optimization of the website as a communication and advertising tool for a special service and, in the process, corporate design and the brand’s memorability were improved.

Consulting and strategic accompaniment / qualitative studies (by SemioticCodes®):
Project: Developing the concept of the brand Dr. Arno Giovannini and redefining a Website
Area: Design Communication / Switzerland and international.